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YouTube (72.3m followers) Ahead of Twitter's own account is YouTube who come in at nine. As the 2nd top site according to Alexa, YouTube's popularity has crossed platforms giving them one of the most successful accounts on Twitter. Along with the pithy bio of Like and subscribe., YouTube's account is pretty straightforward Twitter accounts with the most followers worldwide 2020 Published by J. Clement, Sep 2, 2020 As of May 2020, former U.S. President Barack Obama's account was followed by over 118 million people... View the top 25 most Followed Twitter accounts on SocialTracker, a free tool for social media performance monitoring The Most Followed Twitter Profiles. Profiles Ranked by Followers on November 25,2020 Powered by Trackalytics.com; Rank Profile Total Followers (today) Total Following (today) Total Tweets (today) 1 | Tweet: Barack Obama: 126,651,841 (1,932) 598,488 (11) 16,037 (0) 2 | Tweet : Justin Bieber.

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  1. Twitter: Most Followers. Behold! The top 100 people and brands with the most Twitter followers
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  3. Utilize Socialblade.com to check your Twitter Stats and track your progress. Socialblade is a premiere Twitter community where you can chat with other Twitter users
  4. Top 500 Most Followed Twitter Accounts (Sorted by Followers Count) In order to access this the data on this page, you'll need an account at Social Blade and a Silver Subscription. Main Mobile App: Browser Extensions: Real Time App: Contact.
  5. Das Ranking der beliebtesten Twitter-Accounts weltweit nach der Anzahl der Follower wird von Barack Obama angeführt. Im November 2020 folgten ihm rund 125 Millionen Personen bei Twitter. Knapp..
  6. Who Is the Most Followed Person on Twitter? The most popular account on Twitter belongs to former U.S. President Barack Obama. About 112 million people follow this public figure, not only for political posts but also for musings about everyday life. He shares his insight on worldwide events and issues while giving his audience a glimpse of his personal life. It's a nice balance that has.

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View the top 10 most Followed Twitter accounts on SocialTracker, a free tool for social media performance monitoring Twitter is the way to go for any serious trader who wants valuable, timely and actionable information on the financial markets. Whether you're looking for news updates, trade setups or market education, we've hand-picked 15 Twitter accounts that every trader should follow. St. Louis Federal Reserve @stlouisfed . The St. Louis Fed is of the regional federal reserve banks in the United. We offer you free Twitter followers that are no spam and real looking. Our delivery is fast, secure, and followers will appear on your Twitter page almost instantly. There are many other websites out on the web that offer an increase in your Twitter followers for free, but most of their accounts do not seem real. Our account generator is much. His Twitter page is noticeably full of positive messages with a very motivational vibe and charity promotion. Besides, no hate to be discovered on this page. He really is a deserved candidate in the list of top 10 most followed American Football players on Twitter. Aaron Rodgers [@AaronRodgers12 Kylie Jenner (right) and Kendall Jenner (left) own the fifth and thirteenth most-followed accounts, respectively. This list contains the top 50 accounts with the most followers on the photo and video-sharing social platform Instagram. As of November 202

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  1. Her Twitter account handle goes by the name of the show and has over 77 million followers as of 2019, securing the spot for the 8th most followed Twitter profile. 9] @YouTube (YouTube) Well, the official Twitter account of YouTube also makes its way into the top 10 most followed Twitter accounts in the 2019 list
  2. The list of most followed scientists compiled here is far from scientific. To identify Twitter science stars, we began with celebrity scientists such as Tyson and checked out which scientists they.
  3. The football player Zlatan Ibrahimović, had the most followed account on Twitter in Sweden as of May 2020. In fact, over roughly 6.5 million people followed him on the platform, which was way.
  4. Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and singer Ariana Grande are the second and third most followed accounts respectively. Katy Perry is hugely popular on Twitter (Picture: Getty Images) Who has.
  5. Most Followed K-pop Idols on Twitter. Although Twitter isn't as common as Instagram with K-pop idols, there is still plenty you should follow on the platform. Often times, groups will have collective Twitter accounts or they'll simply have a company Twitter account. Either way, you definitely shouldn't miss them for more updates on your favorite idols. Here, we've included the.

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  1. New Delhi: Shekhar Gupta, Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt are among the most followed on Twitter by Indian journalists, a study has found.. Conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, the study plotted the friends of journalists in India to understand who they most listened to among Indian journalists on the micro-blogging site
  2. Burson Cohn and Wolfe (BCW), a global communications agency, in its Twiplomacy findings, ranked President Muhammadu Buhari as the most followed Sub-saharan African leader on Twitter with 3,121,169.
  3. The 10 Most Followed Poker Professionals on Twitter Which poker professionals are popular on Twitter? Twitter has long been a fantastic platform for poker professionals to interact with fans and educate card game enthusiasts. There are plenty of entertaining poker pros out there that you should put on your hit-list to follow. Some of them enjoy long-running feuds with other notable poker.

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  1. Here's a countdown of the 10 Most Followed Athletes On Twitter as of November 2019: Who are PledgeSports? 10. Kevin Durant - 17.9 million. Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant is a top-scoring and renowned American professional basketball player, who is notoriously popular among fans around the world. The greatest NBA players of all time . Heavily involved in philanthropy, writing.
  2. Twitter Most Followed Rationale. How to Find Out Who's Popular on Twitter. And why there's no point in doing it. It's easy if you consider the whole Twitterverse. You just look at the number of followers, and you'll get @katyperry, @justinbieber, and @BarackObama. No surprise there, right? But what if you want to focus on a particular group of Twitter users? Let's take the Hacker News.
  3. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is the third most followed person on Twitter, even beating out the President (but not Justin Bieber or Katy Perry). Her message of empowerment shines through as.
  4. Fruji is a professional third-party Twitter analytics tool. It enables identifying your most influental followers and helps tracking growth and other statistics
  5. There are many conservatives using the social networking app Twitter, but figuring out the best ones to follow is tough.Some conservative accounts rarely tweet, others may not be that interesting, and a few will just waste your time. One quick way to find a large pool of conservative tweets is to use the Top Conservatives on Twitter hashtag, #tcot, in your Twitter search box
  6. Some people follow pro athletes and musicians on Twitter. Some people follow porn stars. Like we do. They lead interesting lives, with their careers running relatively short, dealing with high.

Wll, use Circlebloom's Twitter Follow Tool to help you find your favorite funny celebrities based on your interests. Jokes and Sarcasm are a fun way to share information and say things loud out to the world without hurting people's intention. Use it, Savage it, and increase your following too by taking inspiration from these funny celebrities to the maximum. celebrities to follow on. The most followed male athletes on Twitter. 1. Serena Williams - 8.5 million. At number 1 on our list of most followed female athletes on Twitter is the legendary Serena Williams. Williams won the Australian Open in 2017— beating Steffi Graf's record of 22 Grand Slam titles which Williams had equalled last summer after lifting Wimbledon While Barack Obama, Katy Perry, and Justin Beiber run the show as the most-followed people on Twitter, we wanted to know which brands were most followed. Luckily, we have a Twitter analytics tool that tracks, among other things, which brands have the most followers. Twitter, with over 126 million daily active users, has earned its place as one of the top social media networks. Brands leverage.

Twitter is one of the most efficient ways to consume every subject of the news: international, political, cultural, etc. It gives you the power to personalize your media diet, down to the news. As a wise philosopher once said, every Twitter journey starts with a single Twitter step. For these 10 folks — who are now the 10 most followed people on Twitter, with more than 420 million. Its Twitter account allows you to follow along with its fascinating discoveries, explorations, and broadcasts as it searches the stars. @MerriamWebster. You'd think dictionary brand Merriam-Webster would steer clear of a place that constantly butchers and abbreviates a language... but you'd be wrong. The famous dictionary is most definitely on Twitter. If not out of obligation, then for.

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Here are Twitter's 10 most-followed K-pop artists as of writing: Continue reading below ↓ Recommended Videos. 1. BIGBANG's G-Dragon. Twitter handle: @IBGDRGN. G-Dragon, aka the King of K-pop is also the king on Twitter. With 8.7 million followers, GD has gained a devoted following as a BIGBANG member and solo artist. Last month, he made it to the list of brand reputation rankings. As of now, LeBron is followed by 227 players, which is almost half the league. No. 2 is not shocking, as Kevin Durant is one of the most well-known athletes in the world Unfollow twitter followers who don't follow you back. Get more followers with fan tracking. Over 100,000,000 unfollows performed. Toggle navigation iUnfollow. Login with Twitter; Unfollow Twitter Tool Discover and unfollow Twitter followers who are not following you back. Sign in With Twitter; Trusted by 320,000+ users who have performed over 100,000,000 unfollows since 2011 . Get More.

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  1. 15 Most-Followed Politicians on Twitter By Sarah Ang 2013-07-04 14:14:30 UTC Follow whomever you like on Twitter — friends, family, coworkers, celebrities or squirrels
  2. Twitter has become the de facto platform for finance people to get real-time news and thoughts from some of the industry's most influential people. Here are 15 of them. Here are 15 of them. Author
  3. 10 Most Followed Twitter Accounts. May 12, 2014 May 16, 2014 by Brandon Gaille. Twitter is a social media website that rose to fame due to the celebrity presence. It is a unique platform that allows celebrities to engage with their fans in a fun and regular way. Now you can actually connect with your favorite actress or musician. When it comes to the most popular Twitter accounts, music.
  4. ated Twitter's 2018 list of most followed and most talked about personalities in the Philippines, according to a year-end report released by the social media platform on Wednesday. 10 MOST FOLLOWED PINOY TWITTER ACCOUNTS . View this post on Instagram A post shared by JoseMarieViceral / Vice Ganda (@praybeytbenja
  5. As well as being one of the most followed British people on Twitter, he's just struck up an adorable romance with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. We don't quite know what's really going on

We compiled the top 10 most-followed Twitter accounts -- five women, three men and two brands -- to see how they compare. Friday is Twitter's eighth birthday -- and boy, has it come a long way In celebration of Twitter's 10th birthday, here's a look at the 35 most followed accounts on the platform from India. A glance at this list reveals that India idolises Bollywood stars, cricketers. Qureshi 2nd most followed FM. Separately, the second most-followed foreign minister from across the world is Pakistan's Shah Mehmood Qureshi, whose Twitter account registered a 23% growth in.

No. Following on Twitter isn't mutual. Someone who thinks you're interesting can follow you, and you don't have to approve it or follow them back. If you want to approve who follows your Tweets, protect your Tweets. The same rules apply—you can approve followers, but you don't have to follow them back Twitter statistics, we have them. Here are all the hard numbers you need to know if you're planning to tap Twitter's audience in 2020. For some brands, Twitter might seem risky or divisive—though whether it causes or reflects political polarization is up for debate. But for those brands who 'get' Twitter, the rewards are many.. As with most established social media platforms, Twitter.

A fan of Amitabh Bachchan recently tweeted out the list of most followed Indian actors on Twitter. The list featured superstars like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar, but Amitabh Bachchan took the top spot. Amitabh Bachchan currently has around 43.8 million followers on Twitter, making him the most followed Indian actor on the social media platform The above graph represents the top 10 most followed Twitter accounts in India in 2020. Interestingly, six out of top 10 are Bollywood actors. The current Prime Minister Narendra Modi tops the list of most followed Indians on Twitter, with 53.15 million followers as of February 2020

Chart-topping pop star, CoverGirl and now, Twitter's most followed tweeter. Katy Perry reached over 90 million followers, and Twitter took to, well, Twitter, to share the news At the time, the most talked-about subject on Twitter was music and the five most-followed accounts were Lady Gaga (27.5 million), Justin Bieber (25.6 million), Katy Perry (23.4 million), Rihanna.

Top 10 Most Followed Telugu Heroes On Twitter: How Mahesh Babu, Allu Arjun & Others Made It To List. By Sumit Rajguru | Updated: Saturday, July 4, 2020, 13:44 [IST] Back in a time when social. This is our list of the most followed WWE superstars on Instagram and Twitter. Sheamus: Instagram 2.8M, Twitter 4.8M. Even though Sheamus has been a WWE guy for 14 years, the Celtic Warrior didn't find mainstream fame until his role in the 2016 film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. The 42-year-old wrestler played the role of villain Rocksteady in the film. 15. Sheamus has been.

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Twitter Philippines looked back at the most followed Filipino accounts and most tweeted Filipino celebrities on social media this year Prime Minister Narendra Modi, known for reaching out to masses through social media, continues to be the most followed Indian on Twitter with his followers crossing 50 million mark on the microblogging site. The Prime Minister now stands tall among the world leaders on Twitter, with his handle @narendramodi a little behind that of US President Donald Trump, who has 64 million followers. Former.

PM Narendra Modi is the most-followed Indian on Twitter in 2018. He boasts of 44.1 million followers on the micro-blogging platform. In fact, Prime Minister's Office (PMO) India too appears in the top ten list with 27.1 million followers. The rest are from Bollywood or Cricket. Here's over to the 10 most-followed Indians on Twitter in the year. His Twitter account has recently turned into an endless feed of supporters of his cause. Despite this self-promotion, Pai is an important follow in the tech industry because of his position at the.

Social media accounts get hacked all the time, but last night the victim list included the current most-followed (at 89 million, the @Twitter account itself only has 55 million) Twitter user: Katy. Hier erhältst du schnelle Antworten auf die häufigsten Fragen und erfährst, wie du Twitter wie ein Profi nutzt Funny, Useful & Interesting Twitter Accounts You Should Follow. We'll start off with funny accounts, because who doesn't need a laugh these days, with the state of the world? Funny @dog_rates.

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Thanks for reading this year's report on the most influential people on Twitter. Remember, big-name influencers can definitely help with broad brand awareness, but it's also important to look at the power of micro influencers - the people with smaller but very engaged followings that might be more likely to care about what your brand has to say While Bieber boasts the second most Twitter followers and Floyd Mayweather doesn't even have enough to make the top 100 most followed celebrities, Mayweather had the highest earnings between. The social software company Hootsuite is the most followed Twitter account by companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), according to a recent report from Burson-Marsteller. The report was based on an analysis of the Twitter accounts of the 622 companies listed on the NYSE.. Hootsuite (@Hootsuite) is followed by 257 of the 622 companies, the analysis found

President Trump has 49 million followers on Twitter out which 37 per cent have been found to be fake by twitteraudit.com. Mr Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama who also is the most followed world. Here are the 13 best Twitter accounts to follow for technical stock market analysis. Matthew Fox. May. 19, 2020, 12:56 PM . Mario Tama/Getty Images. Technical analysis is a tool investors use to. 13 Most Useful Twitter Accounts to Follow. 20 Quotes For Challenging Times. Some of the Things You Can Learn From YouTube Videos. The Best Quotes Said By People In The Fashion Industry. 15 Best Gifts on Etsy To Get Your Dad on Father's Da After an extensive research and vetting process, we have settled on a list of our top 100 healthcare twitter accounts to follow in 2020, and beyond. Our goal was to compile a list of 100 Twitter accounts that will provide any healthcare professional with a great foundation of informative, well-rounded, and intriguing Twitter accounts to follow. Please note, there is some subjectivity to this.

Katy Perry recently became the most followed person on Twitter with more than 50 million followers.Her bio reads: Let the light in. Prism. Out now! See who leads the pack in a variety of. The beauty of Twitter is that you are allowed to follow anyone you'd like. And anyone can follow you. Unlike most other social networks, there is no requirement to reciprocate follows. However, the entire concept of Twitter is foreign to most people. It's not a valuable microblogging platform as initially intended. Nor is it effective as a popularity contest. Rather, it's a powerful. 10 Most-Followed Kenyans On Twitter. Written by Becca Blond May 07, 2014. 22. SHARES. Share Tweet. When it comes to who is being followed on Twitter in Kenya, the most popular tweeters aren't always people — although a certain former prime minister and his wife both make the list. Also making the list of 10 most-followed Kenyans on Twitter are banks, football leagues and the Red Cross. The most respected financial journals have Twitter feeds that follow the news, and often break it. Get analyst commentary, trader chat, and more This week's Top Web looks at the most followed WAGs on Twitter: Coleen Rooney, Nicole Scherzinger, Lala Vazquez, Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham

There are many Twitter bots out there that can be used to increase followers and traffics, but your account might be at high risk. Do you still want to take a risk that will affect your whole Twitter account? Because these bots might be good bots. Statistics for Most-Followed Twitter Users Quiz. Click here to take the quiz! General Stats; Answer Stats; Score Distribution; Your Score History; General Stats. This quiz has been taken 48,281 times (5,484 since last reset) The average score is 27 of 97; Answer Stats # Hint Answer % Correct; 86.5 m: Politician: Donald Trump: 98%. 123 m: Politician: Barack Obama: 92%. 109 m: Singer: Katy Perry.

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In this post we have a compilation of the Top 25 people to follow on Twitter for great Inspirational tweets daily, check them out, follow them and prepare to be Inspired. 1. @TonyRobbins. Author Tony Robbins has been active for over 30 years and became well known through his infomercials and bestselling self-help books. Robbins writes about subjects such as health and energy, overcoming fears. For Ashton Kutcher, winning the race to 1 million followers on Twitter before CNN was not about being victorious in a popularity contest. Instead, it illustrated that one individual could have. Fashion billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has became Japan's most followed Twitter account, the social network said, boosted by a $9 million giveaway to his followers When you first sign up, Twitter suggests that you follow a large group of celebrities and other major media sources. Many people follow that advice, only because they think it's the thing to do

Katy Perry has overtaken Lady Gaga as the most followed female on Twitter. The pop princess currently has 39,883,873 loyal followers, while Lady Gaga has 39,305,376 Among foreign ministries, the US State Department is the most followed on Twitter, with 5,843,040 followers. The foreign ministry of Saudi Arabia and India complete the top three with 2,708,727 and 1,461,097 followers respectively. According to the 2020 edition, the governments and leaders of 189 countries had an official presence on the social network, representing 98 percent of the 193 UN.

Top 10 Most Followed people on Twitter Most Followed Dividend-Paying Companies on Twitter Stoyan Bojinov Jan 26, 2015 For most bellwether companies, reputation is everything - a company's brand recognition has a major impact on how its products and services are perceived in the eyes of consumers, which at the end of the day translates into revenues

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Twitter Ads can connect you to that audience when they're most receptive. When people follow you on Twitter, you've locked in their attention and you get the chance to convert them from loyal followers to devoted customers. There's many ways you can increase your following — here's just a few of our top, tried-and-true tips. 79%. of people on Twitter like to discover what's new* 53%. of. The Most-Followed Magazines On Twitter, Part II The top 11 magazines boast more than 1 million followers. By Caysey Welton, FOLIO: Magazine Staff:: September 27, 2011. People and Time Magazine kept their stranglehold on the top two spots (2,912,504 and 2,870,423 followers, respectively) but almost every one of the 50 titles tracked by FOLIO has seen their number of Twitter followers boom since. This is our list of the most followed WWE superstars on Instagram and Twitter. Sasha Banks - 6.8m Instagram 4.8M, Twitter 2M. Sasha Banks has been considered an internet darling - and the former. Below, we rank the media accounts followed by the most players on Twitter. 1. @SLAMonline. 215 NBA players following. 2. @wojespn. 210 NBA players following. 3. @SportsCenter. 202 NBA players. Most-Followed Twitter Users Quiz. Try to name the Twitter users with the most followers. Give us the actual name - not the twitter user name. As of October 1, 2020. Twitter delenda est. Quiz by Quizmaster. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? Rate: Featured Quiz . Last updated: October 1, 2020. More quiz info >> First submitted: July 8, 2012: Times taken: 48,238: Rating: 3.69: Quiz and answer.

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10 Most Followed Twitter Accounts of World Football Stars. 0 of 10. The power of social media is vast these days. If you don't have it, you're not up to date. For those savvy with multimedia. KARACHI: Prime Minister Imran Khan has become the ninth most-followed world leader on Twitter, according to a study by Twiplomacy, with his account seeing a 22% growth in the number of his followers With a Twitter following of 27.6 million people, Deepika has become the most followed Bollywood actress in India. The diva is not just an A-lister actress and has carved a niche for herself with. Follow it to get your every day portion of humour right to your Twitter news feed. The Dark Lord. 1.95 million followers. You won't believe, but the most vicious character of Harry Potter Sage became a comedian on Twitter! @Lord_Voldemort7's tweets are full of cynical humor and jokes at other popular movie characters. Someecard

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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Dr. Evan Antin is Instagram's most-followed veterinarian, and a TV host. His new memoir World Wild Vet is a travelogue and conservation wake up call that will make any. President Muhammadu Buhari is the most followed Sub-saharan African leader on Twitter with 3,121,169 followers, Burson Cohn and Wolfe (BCW), a global communications agency, stated in its.

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One of Townsville's most famous faces, Rachael Finch is also heavily followed on social media. The 32-year-old launched onto Australia's radar in 2009 when she came third in Miss Universe On Twitter, Martin is one of the most followed chefs in France with 171,000 followers. He is preceded by the late Paul Bocuse (307,000 followers), Cyril Lignac (285,000), Christian LeSquer. Here are the top 15 most followed Kpop idol fansites on Twitter. USER CONTENT. 1) SNOWPEACH (@JUNGKOOKcokr) - BTS Jungkook's fansite ~ 1.8M. 2) 누나비 NUNA V (@_nuna_V) - BTS V's fansite ~ 1.5M. The 20 most popular UK Twitter users. Singers, actors, TV presenters: here are the 20 most popular accounts on Twitter written by UK individuals or organisations

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The publication's Twitter feed is full of gems when it comes to events in your city, covering London, Sydney and pretty much everywhere in between. Museum Nerd. Get your culture fix through Museum Nerd's account, which picks out some of the most interesting museums to visit and posts pictures of the latest exhibitions to whet your appetite. Active on Twitter since 2009, PM Modi is also the second most followed politician in the world, right after US President Barack Obama @barackobama, as per Twitter The Hill was the most followed media outlet and most followed Twitter account overall among lawmakers Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu

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