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  1. LROC QuickMap. New features. More data. Explore now. Explore Apollo 12. Toggling NAC Imagery with different incidence angles allows you to see the Apollo 12 landing site in new ways. Go to demo >> Chase the satellite. Follow along with the LRO Satellite as it makes its orbit. Defaults to present orbit, but you can also select times in the past or future to view. Go to demo >> The power of.
  2. LROC is thrilled to announce the Lunar QuickMap spring 2020 update release! The update, which was officially released earlier today, includes many exciting new layers and features, as well as enhancements to previously released layers and tools that you may be familiar with
  3. LROC's Lunar QuickMap gets a hefty fall 2020 update, including new interactive features and data layers that allow for even greater user customizations, on-the-fly data analysis, and lunar exploration. LROC Lunar QuickMap received a major update this week that includes powerful improvements to interactive features and data

The LROC WAC Basemaps layer also includes an option to see a WAC view with big shadows simulating a lunar sunrise. You lose the ability to zoom in quite as closely with this view, but subtle low amplitude features pop into view, especially on the maria when this view is active. If you like hunting for domes, this is your layer. The LRO DIVINER layer provides more information on surface. The LROC team determined that planetary science creates unique requirements in a map server such as the need for fast and accurate rendering of global datasets, support for the JMARS projection, for IAU2000 spatial reference systems and accurate rendering of non-linear projections. Quickmap 3

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  1. LROC's Lunar QuickMap gets a hefty fall 2020 update, including new interactive features and data layers that allow for even greater user customizations, on-the-fly data analysis, and lunar exploration. LROC 44A PDS Data Release October 14, 202
  2. In operation since 2009, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) is a system of three cameras mounted on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) that capture high resolution photos of the lunar surface
  3. The resource in question is called QuickMap and is supplied by the Applied Coherent Technology Corporation, a key player in the geospatial data applications industry. It may be found online at http://target.lroc.asu.edu/q3/. Following that link will take you to the QuickMap homepage, where you will find the screen shown in Fig 1
  4. LROC Wide Angle Camera (WAC) 100 m/px mosaic with 6 colorized Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) of the Apennine Bench Formation (centered near 26° N, 356° E - here in Quickmap), an enigmatic light plains unit located on the central lunar nearside, west of the Apennine Mountains and the Apollo 15 landing site at Hadley Rille [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]
  5. Now there is a new LROC browsing interface called Quickmap. It's a lot of fun! Start at the reduced WAC resolution and end up on the surface at full NAC resolution! Apollo 12 landing site

LROC QuickMap goes 3D! A Quickmap 3D view of the lunar nearside with the NAC Anaglyph locations layer turned on. The LROC QuickMap data visualization tool just underwent a major revamp! Now known as Quickmap 3D, the tried and true tool is even more powerful Try out the new LROC browse interface - Quickmap. Its a lot of fun! Start at reduced WAC resolution and end up on the surface at full NAC resolution. Quickmap is brand new - and not 100% refined. But it is ready for testing! Give it a try and watch it improve over the next several months. We hope you like it! Posted by Mark Robinson on April 30, 2011 07:00 UTC. Announcements; Back to News.

Regular data updates (in sync with LROC deliveries to PDS ) Updates to QuickMap are being introduced on a regular basis ; Lunar QuickMap links: Lunar QuickMap Fall updates online list Summer updates online list User Guide Examples Layer Inventory Draw & Search usage. Moon. CH-1/M3. global maps of M3 data @ 125 meters per pixel . hyperspectral data via the ACT-REACT-QuickMap CH-1/M3 Spectra. None (double-click to zoom) Recenter; Recenter & Zoom; Get Footprint Inf A LROC NAC image acquired on 28 July 2013 revealed a new 18-meter (59 feet) diameter crater that corresponds to the location of the bright flash. We are certain it is the correct crater because it does not appear in the before NAC image (10 March 2012) LROC Produces World's Largest Lunar Mosaic Spectacular LROC Northern Polar Mosaic (LNPM) allows exploration from 60°N up to the pole at the astounding pixel scale of 2 meters [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]. The LROC team assembled 10,581 NAC images, collected over 4 years, into a spectacular northern polar mosaic Let Quickmap fly you to the Moon! Quickmap is a virtual tool that lets you quickly sort through data from the LRO camera on a searchable Moon globe. Check back often as the coverage increases and more datasets are added

Use your quickmap for the bigger picture and your smartphone for the detail. On the rear cover quick links take you to what's on and local information. experience a city for just £2.95 or London £3.95. The mobile phone sized maps contain an intuitive fold-out double-sided sheet of the wider cityscape for discreet information recall on the move. Birmingham bizzy city + outer city + Stratford. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera • Lunar QuickMap Updates Guide, October 2017 12 4. NEW DATA LAYERS NAC Regional Mosaics 1. Show NAC ROI Mosaics • Go to 'Layers,' 'LROC NAC,' and select 'NAC ROI Mosaics.' NAC ROI Mosaic example - Hint: Users must be zoomed to approximately 500 m/pixel or more to see NAC ROI Mosaics

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Lunar QuickMap delivers exciting new features and layers for enhanced customization and data analysis. Read Full Article → What Armstrong Saw. Simulated view of what Armstrong saw as the Lunar Module Eagle approached the lunar surface. Read Full Article → Beresheet Crash Site Found! The Beresheet impact occurred on April 11, 2019 and LRO passed overhead 11 days later, allowing LROC to. LROC LROC Quickmap Apollo Image Archive LUNASERV (Arizona State University) Lunar Portal. Moon Tours iOS App (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Online Moon Tours (Lunar Mapping and Modeling Portal) Moon Toolkit. NASA Lunar Science Institute. Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project . Past Missions to the Moon. A History of Apollo Lunar Exploration Missions . Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer. LROC: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera: Mini-RF: Miniature Radio Frequency The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is a NASA robotic spacecraft currently orbiting the Moon in an eccentric polar mapping orbit. Data collected by LRO have been described as essential for planning NASA's future human and robotic missions to the Moon. Its detailed mapping program is identifying safe landing sites. This application requires that Javascript is turned on in your browser Lunar QuickMap Draw&SearchTools A user can draw point, lines, or polygons type objects. Once an object is drawn the user can perform a search action. Examples of QuickMap Search Tools . Examples of QuickMap Search Tools. Examples of QuickMap Search Tools The different actions are : 3D printing (of ROI) ALL LROC products Hiesinger Mare Age Units M3 (list over ROI) M3 observations (generate.

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The sites were mapped using LROC Quickmap and are only for estimation purposes. NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University / Edited by Jason Davis. Chandrayaan-2 candidate landing sites (zoom) This zoomed view of the Moon's south polar region, as seen from Earth, shows the prime (right blue dot) and alternate (left blue dot) Chandrayaan-2 landing sites. The landing sites were mapped using LROC. Es ist still geworden um die Mondsonde LRO. Doch der Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter kreist immer noch in dichtem Abstand um den Mond. Die eigentliche Arbeit ist längst getan: Eine dreidimensionale. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera's (LROC) Lunar QuickMap has received a hefty fall 2020 update, including new interactive features and data layers that allow for even greater user customizations, on-the-fly data analysis, and lunar exploration. For those unfamiliar with the Lunar QuickMap, it's a highly interactive, web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) tool that host LROC and M3 data. ACT-REACT QuickMap Highlights: M3 Mosaics for each OP sub-group: (OP1A, OP1B, OP2A, OP2B, OP2C1, OP2C2, OP2C3) Display/validate/compare M3 spectra at any location Elevation profiles and 3D topography (based on LROC WAC DTM, GLD100) ACT-REACT QuickMap Access mosaics by selecting the desired OP (Optical Period) sub-group L2 reflectance using actual topography (based on LOLA) L2.

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Downloading and interpreting LROC data. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter . NASAs LRO is one of the longest running and most productive non-terrestrial satellites ever launched. It has been operating since 2009 and has produced terabytes of data, all of which can be accessed with varying degrees of complexity and file size. How and what you search for depends on what you want to do with the data. LROC images help us create a more detailed map of the Moon so we can avoid these difficulties. 18. Return to the initial question of how these lunar images help us to understand various scientific understandings related to the surface of the Moon. www.nasa.gov 4 aona onas an a nsaon worksheet IMAGE ANALYSIS Group Members: _____ _____ Region Site: Image #: Study the lunar image. Know who will. LROC PSDI is Quickmap [13]. Quickmap makes available the same data served by Lunaserv, but within the context of an online GIS tool. Quickmap provides many navigation and analysis tools that help a user quickly find and visualize the data they need. While Quickmap does not have as large or complex a set of analysis tools as a desktop GIS package, the ability to explore the Moon using nothing.

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Quickmap; Videos; Gigapan; Exhibits; Archive; News; Educators; History; Science; Guides; Fact Sheets; Posters; Slide Shows; Videos; Activities; Tours; Apollo 11. View site as . Temporal Traverse; Flip Book; Individual Images; Sun Angle: United States. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Apollo 11 Lunar Module (LM) in Mare Tranquillitatis [0.67416° N, 23.47314° E], at 20:17. Now in its mapping orbit, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has snapped its best-quality image of the Apollo 11 landing site to date

Dark lines going through Hippalus and near Agatharchides A and East of those craters Wanted to take a closer look online, using the LROC Quickmap. Does anyone know the layer or setting in LROC Quickmap to display crater names? Would make navigation of the Lunar surface easier NASA.gov brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind

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Interactive access to Lunar maps from NASA's LRO/LROC Mission In support to NASA's Lunar REACT-QuickMap leverages direclty in ACT's PIPE and ACT-REACT. This interactive quick-map product was created using ACT-REACT and allows simple web-browser access to map data. It depicts the use of surface currents model products from NRL/SSC and Chlorophyll Anomaly products from NOAA/NESDIS. Also. LROC Quickmap , proper zoom-it By Steve Ward, June 7, 2013 in The Astro Lounge. Recommended Posts. Steve Ward 4,920 Steve Ward 4,920 Sub Giant; Members; 4,920 8,877 posts; Location: nr Newmarket; Posted June 7, 2013. I'm pretty sure this has been flagged up somewhere before , but just in case you're not aware of it here goes. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera imagery has been made. NASA is looking for advanced technologies and imagery applications that will help tell the story of human exploration at the Moon sets of stereo images via the LROC website and PDS node. To identify whether NAC DTMs have been made for a region of interest, users have four options: (1) the PDS node, (2) Lunaserv and the Lunar Global Explorer (LGE), (3) ACT-REACT Quickmap, and (4) the LROC NAC DTM shapefile (available by June 15, 2017). These and additional resources are.

After performing the given activity, we found the names of the feature at the given coordinates. We also observed the features of the landing site of the Apollo 11 mission https://quickmap.lroc.asu.edu/# gibt es eine andere hochauflösende Mondkarte? Mfg,Kurt: Bearbeitet von: am: sgo2000 Meister im Astrotreff. Deutschland 507 Beiträge. Erstellt am: 16.09.2018 : 00:00:56 Uhr . Hallo Kurt, ich kenne jetzt zwar auf die schnelle keine Alternative, aber bei mir funktioniert die Seite! (Mit Win 10 und Chrome) Viele Grüße Stefan: Che la luce delle stelle illumini. Quickmap; Videos; Gigapan; Exhibits; Archive; News; Educators; History; Science; Guides; Fact Sheets; Posters; Slide Shows; Videos; Activities; Tours; Apollo 11. View site as . Temporal Traverse; Flip Book; Individual Images; Sort Chronologically . Sort by Time of Day. M102000149R M102014464R M106719774L M109080308R M111443315R M113799518R M116161085R M117338434R M119693197L M119699983R.

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Foto: QUICKMAP/ LROC/ ASU/ EDU Dieser Text gehört zur Reihe Bestseller von SPIEGEL+, er ist zuerst erschienen am 10. Mai 2019. Eine geheimnisvolle Mitteilung erschien Ende April beim. • LRO-era impact craters found by LROC (and others) • SEP events recorded by CRaTER • Volatile transport by LAMP, CRaTER, LEND • High temporal resolution thermal variations by Diviner • Synergies with other missions (LADEE, GRAIL, ARTEMIS, etc.) • New modes of operation for Mini-RF, CRaTER, LOLA, and LAMP • Operate long enough to see another initiative to return to the Moon! 5. Start Time: 2011-11-05 09:34:24 UTC: Slew Angle: 0.00° Incidence Angle: 40.98° E: Pixel Scale: 0.399 m/pix: Spacecraft Altitude: 24.034 km: Phase Angle: 39.86 LROC QuickMap, a powerful map interface to browse Lunar data from NASA/LRO and other missions. Explore the Moon in both 2D and 3D. Developed by Applied Coherent Technology and customized for the LROC team at AS LROC comprises a pair of narrow-angle push-broom imaging cameras (NAC) and a single wide-angle camera (WAC). LROC has flown several times over the historic Apollo lunar landing sites at.

LROC scientists created the digital elevation model using a stereo pair of images. Each image in the pair shows the site from a slightly different angle, allowing sophisticated software to infer the shape of the terrain, similar to the way that left and right eye views are combined in the brain to produce the perception of depth. The animator draped an LROC photograph over the terrain model. Mercury QuickMap Mosaics Available in High Resolution. The mosaics that can be explored interactively using ACT-REACT QuickMap are now also available for download. These mosaics were created using MESSENGER orbital images that were released by NASA's Planetary Data System (PDS) on September 8, 2011. The images cover the first two months of. Mare Insularum (Mar de les Illes) és una mar lunar localitzada en la conca Insularum, just al sud de Mare Imbrium.Té uns 513 km de diàmetre.. El material de la conca és del període Ímbric Inferior, juntament amb material del període Ímbric Superior. La mar està envoltada pel cràter Copèrnic a l'est, i el cràter Kepler. L'Oceanus Procellarum se li uneix al sud-oest Preparing to explore the surface of the Moon goes well beyond designing and building safe spacecraft and spacesuits. NASA also has to ensure the surface vehicles and suits have the mobility required to do science, and that astronauts have the tools they need to identify and scoop up rock and soil samples

Using Opera mini on my IPad Pro the 2nd link worked once. I could not get it to load a second time. I signed in using Safari on the IPad Pro and it works perfectly using either link Explore PSRs in LROC Quickmap; Atlas of PSRs; Slope, elevation, temperatures, solar illumination, and communication maps of the south pole; The Moon's south pole on NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio; Tools and data on lunar mining and landing sites; Read more: Chandrayaan-1, Kaguya (SELENE), Lunar missions, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, Space missions, Space places, The Earth-Moon.

A hypothetical scenario similar to a real-world lunar missionlunar missio Find movie filming locations and the places where movies have been made with The Movie Map film locations guide. Map reflects information compiled by Pintado in 1795-96 and set down by Trudeau in official LROC LROC Featured Sites LROC Quickmap LROC WMS LROC Lunaserv CRaTER Radio CRaTER DIVINER LAMP/SwRI/GSFC LRO/LAMP SOC LEND LOLA Mini-RF PDS LRO Node. ARTEMIS USGS Lunar Web Mapping Application USGS Map-a-Planet-Moon GRAIL @ PDS GRAIL MoonKAM LADEE LCROSS ARC. Charles A. Wood's LPOD Lunar Picture of the Day The Moon Wiki MoonZoo MyMoon Blog.

Error: TypeError: Failed to fetc The LROC Wide Angle Camera (WAC) context image below includes, also from the LROC QuickMap, includes an inset showing the elevation differences lost to single NAC frames [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University\. LROC WAC monochrome mosaic centered on Milne N, satellite crater of Milne. The asterisk notes location of the field of view highlighted in the LROC Featured Image. View the wider area. QuickMap asu.edu. https://quickmap.lroc.asu.edu/ LROC QuickMap, a powerful map interface to browse Lunar data from NASA/LRO and other missions. Explore the Moon in both 2D and 3D. Developed by Applied Coherent Technology and customized for the LROC team at ASU. DA: 55 PA: 15 MOZ Rank: 35. LROC Quickmap - Try it out! | Solar System Exploration. Credit: LROC /Quickmap At the bottom there is a link to Sites of Interest showing the Apollo landing sites and other recent discoveries like lava tubes and natural bridges. Looking at the Apollo 17 landing site , you can see the charred lunar surface around the LM descent stage and can even make out the tiny trail of footprints from the Apollo.

NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University . This image, captured Feb. 1, 2014, shows a colorized view of Earth from the moon-based perspective of NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter LROC QuickMap NAC/WAC mosaic shows the general field of view within the LROC Featured Image released May 3, 2012 backed up to 4 meters resolution [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]. Today's Featured Image is one such example, where an unnamed ~4.2 km diameter crater located in the nearside highlands (38.112°N, 53.052°E; northeast of Mare Tranquillitatis) is heavily veneered with impact.

LROC Image Search; QuickMap; E-Books. Computer Vision - Algorithms and Application (Richard Szeliski 20100903 Draft) Concise Computer Vision - An Introduction into Therory and Algorithm; Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing - A Practical Approach with Examples in Matlab; MIT - Optimization for Machine Learning 201 Quickmap is a highly customizable web-based mapping and analysis tool. This is a general help document, so not all features listed here may be available on your particular map. In addition, your map may have some custom tooling or functionality not covered here. DA: 4 PA: 31 MOZ Rank: 9. LROC QuickMap asu.edu. https://quickmap.lroc.asu.edu quickmap | quickmap.dot.ca.gov | quickmap | quickmap ca dot | quickmap 3d | quickmap app | quickmap ca | quickmap lro | quickmap lroc | quickmap moon | quickmap The 44B LROC Planetary Data System release includes NAC and WAC images acquired from 2020-07-16 through 2020-08-15. This release contains 21,312 EDR images - totaling 2.6 TBytes, and 21,312 CDR images - totaling 5.6 TBytes 1:40 p.m. E. J. Speyerer Exploration of the Lunar South Pole with LROC Data Products [#5132] 1:50 p.m. M. R. Manheim Supporting Lunar Landers with LROC NAC Products [#5155] 2:00 p.m. BREAK 2:20 p.m. S. B. Sayyad Mineralogical Mapping Using Chandrayaan-1 Hyperspectral (HySI) Data from the South Pole Region [#5039] 2:30 p.m. J. J. Blalock Lunar South Pole Mineral Map Products from Kaguya.

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IP Count; 23.185..1: 77: 23.185..3: 71: 71: 23.185..4: 67: 23.185..2: 64: 61: 52: 40: 27. It was speculated, at one time, that this might be a volcanic vent but Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera QuickMap imagery shows it to be little different from surrounding craters of similar diameter. Related. Posted in Astronomy Tagged Moon permalink. About Richard Hill. Richard Rik Hill Born: June 10, 1949 only a few hours after Antares was occulted by a nearly full moon. My first. It's very easy for an ignorant layman to label LROC as faked, but as has already been shown, you are a very dishonest person and your opinion is so worthless it can be discarded with the trash. Betamax101, Nov 17, 2020 #63. Scott Well-Known Member. Joined: Aug 17, 2008 Messages: 3,078 Likes Received: 201 Trophy Points: 63. Betamax101 said: ↑ It places an enormous number and a whole new.

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In the Shadow of the Moon | Lunar Reconnaissance OrbiterLROC’s First Look at the Apollo Landing Sites | LunarLunar landslides! | Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter CameraThe Ghosts of Mare Fecunditatis | Lunar ReconnaissanceThe West Side of Plato Crater | Lunar ReconnaissanceSlipher Crater: Fractured Moon in 3-D | Lunar
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